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BBC content for Arqiva, Samsung 5G trial

November 8, 2017

UK communications infrastructure and media services provider Arqiva is now showing additional content from the UK’s national broadcaster, the BBC, in its 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) trial.

Arqiva’s 5G FWA trial with Samsung was launched in July at Arqiva’s London offices.

Thanks to the new agreement, content being shown in the demo suite at Arqiva’s London offices now includes experimental new content experiences from the BBC:

Planet Earth II, transmitted in Ultra High Definition (UHD), Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG);

and Attenborough-360, a 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) experience.

The 5G wireless high bandwidth connectivity used in the trial implements intelligent beam-forming technology in high-frequency mmWave spectrum. The trial reliably achieves speeds in excess of 1 Gb per second, sufficient to deliver multiple bandwidth intensive UHD and VR streams, and demonstrates what high capacity connectivity could enable for content delivery in the future.

In order to deliver multiple bandwidth intensive UHD and VR streams over the same 5G link simultaneously, BBC R&D’s Turing encoder, an H.265/HEVC open-source software video codec, was used to compress the content prior to its transmission. This crucial step significantly reduced the size of each stream and demonstrated the codec’s interoperability with the 5G wireless system, the state of the art displays and VR headgear.

“5G FWA is a tremendous opportunity to allow a much greater number of households to access ultra-fast broadband,” commented Nicolas Ott, managing director, Telecoms & M2M, Arqiva. “Our London trial with Samsung has already gone a long way to proving the concept by establishing a stable downlink of in excess of 1Gb per second throughout a traditional British summer.”

“The addition of the New Content Experiences from the BBC has added another dimension to the demo, bringing real-world examples of the type of content 5G FWA ultra-fast broadband could help deliver to households in the future.”

“Our demo suite has been busy throughout the summer months and we have been delighted with the reaction from everyone who has witnessed the demo in person. For those unable to view in person, we have also created a 360-degree virtual demo at”

“As a technology to increase the availability of broadband to homes and businesses, 5G FWA could bring benefits to our audiences by making the BBC’s Internet-based services and new content experiences even more readily and widely available,” noted Andrew Murphy, BBC R&D.

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