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Report: Millennials will never take to linear TV

November 13, 2017

GroupM’s latest State of the Video report also reveals that while total video viewing across all formats and devices has likely grown, traditional TV viewing in the US and UK by Millennials has fallen about 4.5 per centannually since 2012, and nearer 9 per cent for Generation Z.

That’s not news. What is news is that growing older does not increase one’s viewing like it used to. GroupM calculates that middle-aging Millennials and Generation X will erode viewing equivalent to about one percentage point a year over the next decade.

In startling opposition to history, Millennials and Generation Z are actually watching less as they age. Viewing is falling in absolute terms and even more against expected lifestage. In fact, Generation Y and Generation X linear TV viewing is falling 60 per cent faster than the historical norm.

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