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Spanish pay-TV to reach 7.1m subs by 2021

November 13, 2017

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Pay-TV continues to grow in Spain. A report from PwC predicts that pay TV will reach 7.1 million subscribers in four year’s time, a penetration rate of 46.6 per cent.

Currently, it has just over 6 million subscribers with a market penetration of 40.2 per cent.

Pay-TV revenues will also grow by 4 per cent to €2.265 billion, excluding OTT revenues. Advertising revenues will represent €119 million in 2021 with a growth of 7.8 per cent versus €81 million in 2016.

Currently, Movistar is the market leader with 3.67 million subscribers, followed by Vodafone with 1.29 million and Orange with 600,000.

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