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Smartone, EOLO-NGI, XFone climb Netflix Speed Index

November 14, 2017

Netflix has released October data for its Netflix ISP Speed Index, its monthly update on which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best primetime Netflix streaming experience.

Taiwan’s Taiwan Broadband experienced the largest speed gain in October with an increase of 0.62 Megabits per second (Mbps). The gain brought its average monthly speed to 3.32 Mbps, up from 2.70 Mbps in September, and helped Taiwan Broadband rise three spots to No. 3 in Taiwan.

Other notable speed gains in October:

  • Israel’s XFone saw speeds climb to 3.39 Mbps, up from 3.00 Mbps in September, rising three spots to rank No. 4 in Israel.
  • Italy’s EOLO-NGI saw speeds increase by 0.28 Mbps, bringing its average monthly to 3.30 Mbps (up from 3.02 Mbps in September). EOLO-NGI also rose in the ranks this month, gaining four spots to rank No. 3 in Italy.
  • Hong Kong’s SmarTone saw its average speed gain to 2.84 Mbps, up from 2.57 Mbps the month prior. The gain helped lift Hong Kong five spots to 10th in our country rankings.

ISPs in Poland, Indonesia and Israel experienced meaningful speed decreases in October:

  • Inea in Poland saw speeds slow to 2.98 Mbps (from 3.58 Mbps in September). This contributed to Poland falling seven spots to 32nd in our country rankings.
  • In Indonesia, speeds slowed at Internux and Indosat-Fibre. Internux’s monthly average decreased to 2.16 Mbps (from 2.44 Mbps in September) and Indosat-Fibre’s speeds slowed to 4.01 Mbps (from 4.30 Mbps in September). Despite this, Indonesia rose five spots to 26th in our country rankings.
  • In Israel,’s speeds decreased to 2.72 Mbps (from 3.04 Mbps in September) while Netvision saw speeds slow to 3.01 Mbps (from 3.36 Mbps in September).

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