Advanced Television a success for Netflix; Goes social

November 30, 2017, a broadband speed checker website launched by streaming giant Netflix, reports that it has now generated over quarter of a billion speed tests from around the world. To mark the milestone, the service has now added social media functions.

In a blog post, Netflix said: “We all want a faster, better internet, yet internet speeds vary greatly and can be affected by issues ranging from network congestion to wireless interference. That’s why at Netflix, we work with partners around the world to improve streaming quality. We also create tools that put consumers in control of their viewing experience, regardless of bandwidth. One tool we launched last year is, a free, fast, and simple way for people to check their current Internet speed. We gave it a clean, ad-free design that was intuitive to use and easy to understand (more on how was built here). Since launching in May 2016, we’ve been humbled by the great response we’ve seen from people all around the world. Tests on grew by about 10 per cent each month since launch, and that momentum led us to an awesome milestone just a few days ago: has generated a quarter billion speed tests from around the world.”

“To celebrate this quarter billion test milestone today, we’re launching a new way to share speed results on social media. To brag (or rant) about your Internet speed, run the test and click on Facebook or Twitter button to post the result on your social feed:”

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