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UHD panel market expected to boom

December 6, 2017

The global UHD panel market is expected to attain a high demand in the coming years due to the phenomenal pace at which technological advancements are taking shape across the world. A market research publication by TMR Research foresees the market to stay high on growth because of the predominant reasonableness, similarity, and execution of UHD panel.

The development of UHD/4K panel is observed to have made available exceptional functions in television sets such as increased brightness and comprehensive colour palette.

Throughout the years, the customer base of UHD panel has increased considerably due to the provision of upgraded consumer experience brought about by the aforementioned variables. The ubiquity of UHD panel has expanded further in the recent time because of the uncommon drop in the costs of different models. A more number of customers have been finalising on UHD panel owing to its lightweight, lesser power utilization, and greater sturdiness. In the current era, UHD panel could find a major application in the manufacture of sophisticated signage used for engagement, marking, educational, and promotional purposes.

In the near future, the world UDH panel market is envisaged to be positively impacted by an increasing uptake of UHD panel-enabled signage boards in several sectors such as hospitality, government, and retail. If television buyers are considered, UHD panel could gain a rising demand because of its affordability and status as a new standard for television sets.

The international UHD panel market is foreseen to be benefited by the significant slash in imports custom duties practiced in India and China. There could be a collective growth in demand owing to the rise of certain factors such as the increasing count of producers complying with the standards of UHD Blu-ray, swelling expenditure of people on entertainment and lifestyle, and increasing disposable income. The involvement of UHD/4K panel in the manufacture of new smartphones could paint a bright future for the market. The aspects of superior affordability, compatibility, and performance are expected to set the tone for a valuable growth of the market.

Regions such as Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America could be highly focused upon during the forecast tenure. As analysed by the analysts, North America is prognosticated to be crowned as a major region of the market in the coming years. The growth of this region could be attributed to the keen interest of consumers in novel technologies. Moreover, the regional market could be advantaged by the rising expenditure on entertainment activities. Today, consumers have been able to watch content on their smartphones bearing quality that is at par with that of television sets

This could help the worldwide UHD panel market to garner immense popularity and growth as research and development activities continue to gain prominence for exploring newer applications. As for the Asia Pacific market, it could also exhibit a promising progress supported by the widespread presence of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and rising disposable income. The market could experience a soaring rise in its growth due to the growing applications of UHD panel other than televisions.

Some of the leading companies making business in the worldwide UHD panel market could include Universal Display Corporation, SFA Engineering, IPS Alpha Technology Ltd., Densitron Display Solutions, and DuPont.

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