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Germany: NHK World TV on Unitymedia

December 14, 2017

NHK World TV, Japan’s sole public English-language channel is now available on the cable network of Unitymedia in Germany. The free-to-air channel has joined the basic, unencrypted line-up accessible by all cable TV households.

NHK World TV is a 24/7 public television network featuring original programming from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). It delivers a diverse blend of programming featuring the hourly live international news from Tokyo and news bureaus around the globe and programmes on Japanese society, politics, scientific advancement, culture, history, food and lifestyle.

“Germany is one of the most significant markets in the world,” said Yoshihiko Shimizu, President and CEO of Japan International Broadcasting. “We are honoured to share Asian culture with its people through our high-quality and captivating programming.”

“We are happy about the addition of NHK World TV to our line-up,” added Christian Hindennach, Chief Commercial Officer at Unitymedia. “The channel will give our customers an inside view into Japanese news, culture and lifestyle and increase the choice and variety on our cable network.”

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