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Inside Secure delivers next-generation content protection solution

December 18, 2017

Inside Secure, at the heart of security solutions for mobile and connected devices, has announced the availability of its most-advanced secure players to date: Content Protection Client HD for Desktop, meeting the increasingly demanding security requirements for browser-based viewing; and Content Protection Client Premium HD,protecting early-window movies (that audiences can watch within a few weeks theatrical release). Likewise, the acquisition this year of Meontrust for strong authentication and SMI for data protection and key management offer big advantages for customers.

This further strengthens Inside Secure’s studio-approved content protection solutions, adopted by Tier 1 service providers around the world. Now, Inside Secure provides an even more secure distribution of premium content across connected devices and major DRM schemes with advanced playback and analytics features.

The updated Content Protection Client HD for Desktop enables delivery of full HD (1080p) PlayReady-protected content on desktops and laptops. Inside Secure has developed an application framework that enables the easy creation of apps that can securely play PlayReady and Widevine DRM-encrypted content on MacOS, Windows and Linux filling the gap left by the deprecation of Microsoft Silverlight. Application code can be written once from a single SDK for any of these platforms, compiled, then deployed at run-time across Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Content Protection Client premium HDextends Inside Secure’s leadership in the secure video player market by safeguarding the latest media content with advanced features such as forensic watermarking, screen recording detection and software secure content path. Content Protection Client premium HD also implements additional security requirements mandated by movie studios on the widest range of devices including: Android, Android STB, Android TV, iOS, MacOS, tvOS, Windows, MacOS and FireOS.

Content Protection Client premium HD also provides advanced security features for popular streaming protocols such as MPEG-DASH, HLS, and Smooth Streaming. Watermarking traces the source of piracy leaks and whitebox encryption protects sensitive data.

“Before now, movie studios and other content producers have been reluctant to widely distribute their latest, greatest content via OTT,” said Simon Blake-Wilson, chief operating officer at Inside Secure. “With Content Protection Client premium HD, movie studios and content producers tell us they are finally confident to grant distribution rights for their precious and most valuable content via OTT. It’s a win-win for movie studios, who can protect and fully monetise their content, and for consumers, who can now access the latest content sooner—whenever and wherever they wish to enjoy it.”

With these newly-updated content protection products and the recent addition of strong authentication capabilities and secure root of trust gained through the acquisitions of MeonTrust and SMI respectively, Inside Secure’s roadmap continues to push to the forefront of the industry. Likewise, greater security and monetization are being enabled with further integration of the company’s whitebox software protection and in-app payment functionality.

“The delivery of our new secure players is significant in demonstrating our commitment to being the premier provider of content protection solutions in this growing industry,” said Martin Bergenwall, senior vice-president of product management at Inside Secure. “In an increasingly converged online media world, we will continue to leverage our core IP with even more sophisticated security including strong authentication, in-app payment, and ad-protection. Our aim is to continue innovating to provide the best value to our customers.”

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