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LG, Samsung increase giant screen cooperation

December 19, 2017

By Chris Forrester

South Korea’s LG is to supply large-sized display panels to arch-rival Samsung, and according to Large Display Monitor (LDM) which reported the news, says that the initial plan was for LG to supply 40” panels. But that has changed.

The new scheme, suggests LDM, will see sizes of 65”-75” included in the deal and probably lead to Samsung using LG’s panels in its own high-end TV displays.

Bob Raikes, editor of LDM, says: “As the high end of the TV market may increasingly move to OLED, and both companies look to reduce their large LCD production, there may be more need for the companies to work together to avoid simply conceding the LCD market to Chinese makers.”

LDM says that LG itself is likely to report a 9.9 per cent profit during its Q3 on its OLED giant screen business, and that LG along with Sony will lead the ‘premium’ TV sector in the future, and that retail prices will come down helped by improving yields on production of OLED screens.

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