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RT France channel goes live

December 19, 2017

RT France, the newest channel from the global TV news network RT, has commenced live broadcasting. The channel, dedicated to the French-speaking world, will feature a mix of live news, documentary content, debates, interviews and original programming.

RT France airs from its new studios in Boulogne-Billancourt, the broadcasting hub just outside of Paris known as “communication valley,” also home to TF1, LCI, France 24, RFI, Canal+ and CNews. RT France covers the local, regional, national and international stories most affecting the Francophone world.

Head of RT France Xenia Fedorova commented: “France is a country with a storied legacy of respect for the freedom of expression and embrace of new ideas. We have created a platform dedicated to profiling the widest range of opinions in France and beyond. RT France will enable the audiences to explore this diversity and hear the voices rarely found in the mainstream media.”

RT France will broadcast to most countries with a large French-speaking population, including Belgium, Canada and the Mediterranean.

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