Advanced Television

BrightLine launches DataCast

January 3, 2018

BrightLine, the specialist in advanced TV, is launching DataCast, a unified OTT data platform that will enable advertisers to target and measure across three screens: mobile, desktop and television.

Designed to enhance the targeting, delivery and measurement of ads across all connected TV devices in the home, DataCast enables media partners to bring highly targeted campaigns to their advertisers, while providing heightened level of insights and reporting via an array of audience and attribution end points. DataCast also offers BrightLine’s network partners an opportunity to leverage their own unique viewer data, enabling them to maximize the full potential of OTT’s household addressability. BrightLine’s DataCast platform was built from scratch specifically for connected TV to account for some very core differences between web and mobile approaches that do not effectively port to TV.

Jacqueline Corbelli, Founder, Chair and CEO, BrightLine, said, “Our advanced advertising solutions are yielding an incredible trove of household data that holds great value for advertisers. DataCast will enable brands to micro-target tailored messages to specific households based on their psychographic profiles.”

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