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NexGuard watermarking for Kaleidescape

January 3, 2018

NexGuard, a Kudelski company and provider of forensic watermarking technology and solutions, has announced that its solutions have been deployed by Kaleidescape, a manufacturer of home-theatre movie players and servers.

NexGuard’s watermarking solution has been integrated in Kaleidescape’s movie players to protect the highest-value content, including early release and 4K movies that offer HDR and lossless multichannel audio support. Kaleidescape considers this content protection technology to be essential for the highest fidelity movies and equally important for titles, which are still playing in the local theatres and offered as premium rentals for home entertainment. Forensic watermarking is mandated by the “MovieLabs Specifications for Enhanced Content Protection”, which covers content protection features for advanced video.

“Kaleidescape’s Movie Store relies on strong relationships we continue to establish with the world’s leading content owners for the highest quality, finest films and TV programming offered to subscribers,” said Cheena Srinivasan, founder and CEO of Kaleidescape. “Content protection, copy protection, and anti-piracy measures that we implement set the highest bars for premium content. With increasing customer appetite for theatrical content at a premium price, it is important to offer a higher degree of assurance to content owners. NexGuard provides exactly what the content owners are seeking to deter piracy at its source, and to continue to grow our high-quality movie service offerings.”

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