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Valossa and Accurate Partnership

January 3, 2018

Valossa, a player in AI-based video recognition technology, and Accurate Player, a frame-accurate HTML5 QC / QA player for post-production workflows, has announced a sales and technology partnership. Valossa will integrate its video AI technology into the Accurate Player, enabling the player to natively visualise Valossa’s rich metadata extraction.

The combined solution of Accurate Player and Valossa will enable companies to automate inappropriate content recognition down to a frame-accurate level. rich metadata will also facilitate search and retrieval or clips from video footage for re-purposing. The novel AI-based video tools will save time and resources for media companies while helping them manage their workflows at scale. The two Nordic companies will conduct joint sales and marketing efforts to scale their global expansion, mainly media and entertainment companies.

“I am pleased to announce our partnership with Accurate Player. The integration of Valossa’s core expertise in Video AI and Accurate Player’s strength in UX-focused metadata visualisation from Media Asset Management systems will provide a powerful bundled solution for the media industry,” said Mika Rautiainen, founder and CEO of Valossa. “We see customers with increasing demand for video search and sophisticated explicit content recognition, and with Accurate Player’s best-in-class workflow solutions, we can deliver a comprehensive quality monitoring product to the broadcasting industry.”

“Both offerings can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud and can also be customised to meet specific customer requirements,” said Jonas Sandberg, CEO or Accurate Player. “Content compliance regulations are very market specific. For example, the FCC sets the policy in the US while the AVMSD calls the shots in Europe. On the other hand, workflows are organisation specific. Our ability to meet individual customer and market needs making our solution stand out from the others. The partnership with our friendly Finnish neighbor is a good indication of how our respective expertise can combine two distribution companies. ”

The partnership has already kicked off with joint demos for existing customers of Accurate Player. Accurate Player & Valossa have also submitted joint bids for an International RFI. Both companies are confident in signing customers in 2018 of this alliance. Valossa will be showcasing the offer at CES 2018 in Las Vegas next week.

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