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Scaeva releases content protection technology

January 4, 2018

Scaeva Technologies, the Silicon Valley start-up focused on discovering new ways to protect digital content during creation, has released its first software product, the ScaevaSAFE. With its mission to protect the art of the music, film and TV industries from piracy, the ScaevaSAFE is the first of numerous strategic tools to be deployed by the Company to advance its mission.

“We are honoured to contribute our collective skills to one of the biggest threats to the entertainment industry,” said Steve Curd, Co-founder and CEO of Scaeva Technologies. “The music, film and TV industries lose billions of dollars each year, due to content ‘leaks’. Although much effort has gone into solving the piracy problem, the problem still exists. Through our multidisciplinary approach encompassing science, engineering, math, and advanced UX design, we are armed to battle the pirates at every turn.”

Fighting digital content piracy is a complex and multi-faceted mission. All industry experts understand that excellent network security, well-defined processes, and constant surveillance are important ingredients to any secure digital system. On the other hand, the more hurdles faced by creative professionals, the lower the compliance. As a result, even highly secure operations are vulnerable. Scaeva’s tools ensure that any illicitly-obtained content is unusable.

To accomplish this, Scaeva Technologies is introducing numerous patented innovations to more securely protect content, while respecting the demands of the creative workflow.

First, the Company invented the industry’s first Content-Aware encryption: by analysing the contents of digital media files, ScaevaSAFE is able to determine what should be encrypted, and how, on-the-fly. This reduces downtime caused by inefficient bulk encryption methods, and it enables a tighter integration with existing workflows. Second, the Scaeva team worked closely with numerous industry professionals to help map efficient workflows, with a goal of simplifying encryption as a highly-intuitive add-on for artists, producers, engineers, editors, and sound designers. Third, highly flexible key management architecture provides fine-grained access control, limiting access to secured media based on the content-holder’s requirements. Although the technology underlying these innovations is complex, Scaeva’s goal is for the user experience to exude clarity and simplicity.

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