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Spain: State aid for local FTTH

January 5, 2018

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish Administration will grant €104.9 million in public funds to 33 operators to extend the deployment of FTTH at a minimum speed of 100 Mbps to small cities and villages.

Some 73 operators submitted their bids with a total of 264 proposals. 138 were approved from 33 operators with a total investment of €169.48 million out of which €104.9 million will be public funds.

The deployment plan will see FTTH deployment across 1.15 million homes and businesses in 2,347 municipalities covering over 2 million Spaniards.

Telefónica has received the green light for 58 FTTH projects, representing 42 per cent of the total and investments of €80.1 million; 76.3 per cent of the total public funds. Telefónica will have to implement the FTTH extension over the next two years up to December 2019, just like the other operators.

Orange will get €16.48 million for 22 projects; MasMovil, €4.8 million for 19 projects and the other 30 operators, €3.6 million for 39 projects.

As of the end of September, Telefónica had 18.6 million FTTH homes, whereas Orange had 11.3 million with plans to reach 16 million by 2020. MasMovil had 1.6 million and reached an agreement with Orange to cover over 10 million homes.

Vodafone has an agreement with Telefónica to use its optic fibre in 10.3 million homes.

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