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Sony ‘high-end display units here to stay’

January 10, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Kazuo Hirai, Sony’s CEO, speaking at CES in Las Vegas, was an able and enthusiastic spokesman for his TV division stressing it was very much here to stay. “We have really shifted our product focus to more high-end [products] with 4K and OLED and from a profits point of view it is now a very stable business for us.”

As well as showcasing a robotic dog (Aibo) which constantly waggled its ears as his ‘master’ chatted away during a TV interview, Sony had also introduced its spectacular short-throw 120” projector, priced at $30,000. Technically the unit is astounding, right down to its legs which serve as speakers.

More conventionally, Sony showed its latest range of OLED ‘Bravia’ screens, complete with Dolby Vision and the magical ‘Acoustic Surface’ audio output (“The greatest sound you’ve never seen”) and where the screen vibrates helped by two actuators behind the TV which vibrate and yet does not distort the image. “It is the world’s first 3.1 channel sound-bar that supports Dolby Atmos,” Hirai said.

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