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Vodafone Spain: Revenue flat, subs up

February 1, 2018

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Vodafone Spain increased its subscribers in the third fiscal quarter (October 1st – December 31st  2017) but its total revenues remained almost flat.

The company’s revenues grew by 0.3 per cent to €1.2 million. The number of subscribers significantly grew –mainly for its convergent package Vodafone One with a gain of 45,000 subscribers against the previous quarter and 369,000 more than one year earlier, to over 2.5 million subscribers. Pay-TV subscribers grew by 38,000 in three months to 1.37 million.

FTTH customers grew by 149,000 to 2.68 million, up 21.6 per cent versus one year earlier. Vodafone’s FTTH network covers 20.1 million homes.

The number of broadband customers amounted to 3,356,000 at the end of December.

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