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SES hits 52-week low

February 7, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Shares in satellite operator SES hit a 52-week ‘low’ at one point on February 6th of €11.80 a share, representing a total fall in value over the past 12 months of 30.1 per cent. Values recovered during the day to €12.37.

The industry-wide price collapse was not helped by the global fall in stock values on February 5th.

Eutelsat also declined 1.23 per cent (21 cents) to €17.38.  Intelsat also suffered although its shares have struggled these past months. Nevertheless, Intelsat also saw its value fall some 5.5 per cent to a 52-week low point of $2.48 despite a value of $7.55 as recently as Oct 2017, although it also recovered during trading to $2.53.

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