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Kaltura adds live monitoring tools for webcasting and eCDN

February 13, 2018

Kaltura, the video technology provider, has announced that its webcasting platform now includes extensive new live monitoring features that will help webcasting producers ensure ultimate delivery of live events, and also gain visibility into the return on investment on their eCDN (enterprise content delivery network) installations.

Kaltura Webcasting, which already includes real-time audience analytics (# of viewers, average buffering, etc.), will now offer unique live stream data monitoring, presented in a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard provides constant feedback on the incoming live stream.

With this live webcasting dashboard, producers can easily monitor their stream health, including bitrate, transcoding status and details, recording and DVR monitoring, and redundancy. They can also preview streams to ensure that there are no transmission issues in the future.  In addition, the dashboard alerts producers of any problems in real time, and provides helpful advice on exactly what to do to fix the issues to restore stream health.

Kaltura’s new eCDN dashboard continuously monitors the eCDN edge servers to provide granular feedback on each eCDN node, and its status (e.g. bandwidth data, usage stats), statistics on server health, and information such as data download versus output. This data helps IT staff demonstrate the ROI of the eCDN.

“Kaltura Webcasting is already being used by some of the world’s largest global businesses, running thousands of live streams every month. These new dashboards let users monitor streams, and the eCDN in great detail, and deliver smooth webcasts for a flawless user experience,” says Dr. Michal Tsur, Co-founder, President & General Manager – Enterprise & Learning, Kaltura. “Plus, webcasting production teams get to demonstrate the value of their business decisions by being able to use the data provided to highlight the ROI.”

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