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Bahrain Minister: “Arab channels spread hatred”

February 26, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Bahrain’s Information Minister, Mohammed Al-Romaihi cited Qatar-based news channel Al-Jazeera as one of the channels responsible for inciting against Arab countries and causing harm to everything related to them.

But the Minister, while saying that Al-Jazeera had, in his view, lost a lot of its influence and no longer has an impact on Arab viewers because of the lack of credibility and principles, he also said that with the launch of 1300 Arab satellite channels over the past 10 years one of the biggest problems is their attempt to compete with social media networks, something that should not be done by traditional media.

Al-Romaihi stated that Al-Jazeera has been used badly, and history would not forget what Qatar has done in the region through the channel which has spread the culture of hatred and caused a great rift among Arab countries and peoples, especially during the so-called Arab Spring.

Bahrain is part of the quartet of countries that maintains diplomatic bans on Qatar. The minister said the situation with Qatar is not a conflict, but rather a firm political stance taken by the four countries calling for fighting terrorism against a state that has caused much damage to the region, pointing out that the 13 demands are still on the table.

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