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OTT 2.0 – Why streaming really is the new broadcasting across India

February 26, 2018

In December 2017, Mukesh Ambani stated that “Today, Indians consume more mobile broadband data than users in USA and China. If data is destiny, new India is well and truly ready for its new tryst with destiny.”

Similarly, a recent Deloitte India Report also stated: OTT platforms, which are witnessing an explosion in original content due to increase in consumption and viewership, will gradually become a preferred medium over television, with the consumers of vernacular content likely to become over 2.5 times that of English language content by 2021. 

These are just 2 of many significant factors that indicate that the traditional Broadcast Industry is at a crucial inflection point. Effective ‘one to many’ means of signal distribution was the original key to the Broadcast differentiation, but now audiences can be connected with full interactive capabilities that go beyond  Broadcast. This is the challenge that all Cable operators and Broadcasters now face – how to take the next step into OTT, ideally building on their existing systems. Add the appearance of international OTT streaming services like Netflix and the challenge to sustain a traditional Broadcast business model is now even bigger.

Connecting and Engaging

The promise of using the WWW to deliver a truly interactive video experience had always been a significant technical challenge when it came to delivering an OTT on-line alternative to emulate a broadcast-like experience – the many iterations of web-centric codecs and dedicated IPTV systems attest to this. But OTT 2.0 systems from Quiptel address and resolve these issues.

The Quiptel solution uses a combination of our own patented technologies and a ‘Cloud-based’ architecture to provide a truly scalable and flexible platform. In the past, the barrier to entry to becoming a broadcaster was the requirement to make a significant upfront investment in dedicated expensive systems to distribute the signal. The Quiptel platform is designed to enable both existing and new entrants to engage and build audiences in ways that were not practical or cost-effective with a broadcast approach. This means that even those specialist channels that were in danger of being lost in the lower echelons on broadcast platforms can now benefit by going OTT, creating a truly localised engaging offer. Specialised Content no longer needs to be seen as ‘niche’ in that OTT systems from Quiptel use the distribution power of the Internet to go beyond tradition devices like set-top boxes, both into other connected devices like mobiles and beyond a broadcast footprint.

OTT 2.0 is all about creating reach on all fronts

Quiptel takes an even smarter approach

Quiptel has taken a truly intelligent approach in constructing a comprehensive software solution that is both technically advanced and scalable to meet the needs of operators of all sizes. The platform is built on Quiptel’s patented Q-Flow technology that ensures a best of breed user experience – buffering is something nobody wants and Q-Flow aims to eliminate.

The flexibility that Quiptel offers is that it can be applied to extend existing platforms – providing a technically elegant and cost-effective approach that meets the needs of both platform operator and viewer.

If you are an existing MSO, ISP or Broadcaster and are looking to extend your business opportunity, talk to Quiptel about how you can take you forward into OTT 2.0 – ahead of the competition.

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