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Akamai to use Eurofins Digital Testing

February 28, 2018

Eurofins Digital Testing, a global player in end-to-end quality assurance (QA) and testing services, has announced that it will provide Akamai Technologies with extensive research into OTT quality-of-experience (QoE), giving both Eurofins and Akamai customers an objective dataset to help inform OTT workflow decisions.

Specifically, Eurofins and Akamai have developed a way of understanding OTT QoE by running extensive frame-by-frame capturing and automated testing of multiple encoding profiles on a variety of playback devices such as smart TVs and mobile phones, whilst simulating common conditions seen in the Internet. This comprehensive and objective dataset will allow Akamai and Eurofins to uniquely advise their customers on playback issues that affect OTT QoE and measures to help improve the viewer experience.

“Akamai is recognised as one of the most relied upon leaders for innovative, next-gen content delivery across various devices and platforms,” said Johan Craeybeckx, Business Line Director at Eurofins Digital Testing International. “Objectively measuring perceptual visual quality is critical when assessing QoE for streaming video, and we’re proud to be working with Akamai in assuring display QoE for its customers around the globe.”

“Akamai maintains its leadership position through a deep understanding of our media customers, their challenges and the landscape in which they operate. Developing innovative ways to get a clear and unbiased understanding of online QoE such as this helps us to empower our media customers. Information like this will offer a real competitive advantage and help our customers make informed decisions as they plan their distribution strategies,” said Ian Munford, Director of Product Marketing, Media Solutions at Akamai. “Eurofins delivered a comprehensive QoE analysis framework, which has provided a rich set of valuable video streaming QoE metrics and insights. This is vital information that the media industry is crying out for.”

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