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ZOO Digital to release digital distribution planner for TV and movie content

March 5, 2018

ZOO Digital is set to release a scenario planner for digital TV and movie distribution at NAB 2018. This will be made available to content owners who wish to plan worldwide distribution projects to digital platforms.

ZOO is looking to address a key challenge currently facing the TV and movie industry with so many different territories, platforms and file formats involved in international distribution.

The planner, named Sandbox, will give content owners a clearer idea of the potential cost and asset requirements needed to deliver digital packages across any OTT platforms, appropriately localized for multiple territories.

The planner will quickly assess whether assets already exist in the correct formats, and if not whether these assets can be correctly conformed from materials that already exist or if they will need to be created from scratch.

Gordon Doran, ZOO Digital’s President said: “We’ve put Sandbox together to help content owners plan the most cost-effective strategy for delivering titles across multiple platforms and languages, and to give more transparency about the costs involved in digital distribution. This takes into account the specific technical requirements of each digital platform, including encoding, subtitle and dubbing, metadata and digital packaging costs per territory and the assets required. With such a daunting array of choices and associated costs, it’s important we keep things simple. Sandbox is our way of addressing a real challenge faced by content owners who want to share TV and movie content with the world.”

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