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Hispasat to launch triple play services

March 15, 2018

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spanish satellite operator Hispasat and Global Skyware, a provider of satellite equipment owned by Global Invacom Group, have reached an agreement to develop a device that allows triple play services (data, voice and video) to be received through the same aerial.

Global Skyware is developing a solution based on a dichroic sub-reflector that is integrated into the satellite broadband access terminal and allows Ka band signals (used for data) to reach the transceiver while reflecting the Ku band (used for video) on the device that receives the video signal, the LNB (Low Noise Blockconverter).

The system will enable a single dish to receive through both TV content on Ku band and data on Ka band.  With this solution Hispasat will be able to offer convergent services to pay TV platforms.

According to the company, the system is ideal for orbital positions at 30° West and 61° West, key orbital positions in Europe and Latin America which currently have over 1,200 TV channels, 6 million DTH pay subscribers and over 60 million TV users through cable.

Hispasat already has capacity on Ka band through its satellites Amazonas 3, Amazonas 5, H36W-1 and H30W-6.

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