Adobe Advertising Cloud selects TVSquared

TVSquared has been chosen by Adobe Advertising Cloud to provide same-day TV analytics and optimisation insights for its clients.

Currently, over 30 Advertising Cloud clients already use TVSquared to evaluate their TV buys. Now, those advertisers can leverage that data and optimise TV buys within the most widely used programmatic TV platform.

The collaboration will soon include TVSquared SearchSync, which syncs TV spots with paid search. This allows advertisers to use Adobe Advertising Cloud Search to centralise buys to secure top search positions in the minutes after TV spots air, taking advantage of high-interest moments, maximising TV-driven response and optimizing search spend.

Jo Kinsella, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer, TVSquared: “We’re providing Adobe’s advertisers with the timely, performance-based insights needed to continuously optimise TV campaigns for response. Essentially, it’s enabling these brands to treat their TV investments in the same way they treat digital media – leveraging rapid time-to-insights to optimise performance in-flight.”

Todd Gordon, Director of TV, Adobe Advertising Cloud: “As Adobe Advertising Cloud TV continues to transform what’s possible in TV advertising through greater automation and optimization, a critical question is proving that new ways of buying TV drive better results. TVSquared is a leader in the TV attribution space and we are excited to accelerate our collaboration and enhance the value we deliver to our common clients.”

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