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BBC adds new exhibits to Civilisation’s AR

March 29, 2018

BBC Research & Development has made new work on BBC Two’s arts and culture series Civilisations available for people to try. Nine new artefacts have been added to augmented reality (AR) app Civilisations AR and Civilisations Explorer has been launched, an interactive website that lets people discover the TV series at their own pace.

People can choose their journey with presenters’ Simon Schama, Mary Beard and David Olusoga as each offers their perspectives on humanity’s desire to create. The site offers a new interactive way of introducing great masterworks of beauty and ingenuity to audiences, from the first marks on cave walls forty thousand years ago to the art of today.

Users simply need to update their existing Civilisations AR app to view the new exhibits. The app is free to download for either iOS or Android.

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