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Ergen gets 41% pay rise

March 29, 2018

By Chris Forrester

A batch of Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) filings on March 28th showed some high-profile salary and compensation paid to executives last year.

As a percentage improvement Charlie Ergen, founder and chairman of the USA’s Dish Network, did well with a 41 per cent uplift in his total package, made up of a base salary of a modest (for the media word) of $1 million, plus options and bonus payments which took the total to $2.45 million.

However, Ergen’s 41 per cent uplift was a flea-bite compared to that of David Zaslav (CEO at Discovery Communications) who received a significant $5 million uplift from 2016’s $37.2 million to $42.25 million when stock awards and options were included.

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