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CNBC: Netflix tops US streaming

April 3, 2018

According to the CNBC All-America Economic Survey, nearly 57 per cent of Americans are streaming entertainment and most of those are doing so with Netflix.

Findings from the poll of 801 Americans around the country confirm the rapid adoption of streaming service by American households, with Netflix dominating the streaming world, with 51 per cent of American streamers subscribing to service. A third of the country subscribes to Amazon Prime and 14 per cent say they subscribe to Hulu, making Netflix’s total greater than the combined percentage of Amazon and Hulu. Roughly a quarter of the nation has two or more services.

Thirty-six per cent report having both a streaming service and cable or satellite, while 30 per cent say they have just cable or satellite. So-called cord cutters, those with just streaming service access, total 20 per cent of the nation with 12 percent saying they have neither. (Two per cent don’t know.)

In terms of viewing habits, 36 per cent of the public reports watching cable more than their streaming service, and 31 per cent say they watch streaming more than the cable, with 29 per cent saying it’s about the same.

Americans age 18-34 are among the most dedicated streamers, with 48 per cent saying they watch it more than cable, including 32 per cent who say they watch it much more than cable. Forty-nine percent of Americans aged 50 to 64 say they stream less than cable, including 30 per cent who say much less. Streaming services have made inroads with blue collar workers and modest income Americans as well, with the data also revealing that the wealthiest Americans and many in the prime television demographic have both streaming and cable or satellite.

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