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Star Times donates OB vans to Zambia

April 4, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Zhao Yueqin, a VP at StarTimes Group, has handed over the keys to three valuable Outside Broadcast trucks to Beaton Kaluba, who received them in a ceremony in Beijing on behalf of the Zambian government and its Zambian National Broadcasting Corp (ZNBC).

The two OB vans and a digital satellite news-gathering vehicle will be used to help boost Zambia’s digital migration and its coverage of sports and news reports in real time.

Star Times Group is funding $44 million towards the country’s analogue to digital transition task.

In all, Zambia says the overall cost of its digital migration project is budgeted at $273 million, and includes the establishing of 63 digital transmitters across the country.

Star Times is involved with ZNBC in the TopStar DTT offering.

Zhao Yueqin, Vice President of StarTimes Group said: “I sincerely hope that the delivery of OB and DSNG vans will help to satisfy Zambian people’s demand of watching more TV programs and to enhance the influence of Zambian TV industry in African continent.”

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