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Prime Focus Technologies collaborates with GrayMeta

April 6, 2018

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology arm of Prime Focus, has teamed up with GrayMeta, a provider of professional media players and metadata solutions, to empower Media & Entertainment (M&E) enterprises with powerful AI/machine learning capabilities for faster, automation-driven content operations and improved decision making.

PFT’s flagship product, CLEAR Media ERP, along with GrayMeta empowers users with the freedom to access the galaxy of AI/machine learning capabilities (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM Watson to name a few), as appropriate for their downstream use case. Along with the consolidated discovery that can be put to use in business decision making across the enterprise, the collaboration with GrayMeta will help users leverage AI techniques like face detection, speech-to-text, location detection, and brand recognition to make content discovery far quicker and simpler. This will help them create compelling stories from vast content repositories with significantly faster Turnaround Time (TAT).

Powered by GrayMeta’s AI platform, CLEAR’s transformational features include tools for metadata management; search functions for both text and phonetic; story telling/creation for use with both AI and manually logged metadata; transcription for speech-to-text; and subtitling complete with security watermarking. Additionally, content can be auto-tagged using Object Recognition as well as Face/Location Recognition technology to further enrich metadata. The solution is well positioned to help content enterprises boost monetization, while reducing the cost of manpower and infrastructure across cataloging, editing, and mastering operations.

“Our core focus has always been on benefiting our end users, and we are extremely excited to provide them with enhanced decision-making capabilities on the back of intelligent data,” said Vimalesh Melwani, Vice President, Product Management, PFT. “Our collaboration with GrayMeta, which also plays the role of an aggregator, will enable M&E companies to identify relevant content around any given theme with higher accuracy, help optimize and automate complex business processes, and tap new revenue generation opportunities.”

“With automation and consolidation on the rise, companies are seeking innovative solutions like CLEAR Media ERP to help manage their content better,” said Josh Wiggins, Chief Commercial Officer, GrayMeta. “By combining the aggregated insights created by the GrayMeta Platform with the powerful toolset of CLEAR, content owners will have a remarkable opportunity to drive unprecedented productivity and monetization.”

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