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Cybermedia Television releases entry level TV scheduler

April 7, 2018

Cybermedia Television, a provider of Virtual CDN technology with its StreamUnlimited service, has released, an entry level cloud-based TV scheduler, allowing any content provider to start its own tv channel in minutes.

Until recently, TV schedulers and play-out has lagged behind advancements in cloud-based technology. Cybermedia Television offers an entry level, easy to use and cost-effective way of getting your TV channel live in little time. provides a low cost, user-friendly TV scheduling solution which utilizes a web-based content management system that can be accessed via the internet 24-hours a day for centralized control video file upload, day scheduling up to 1 month in advance and monitoring.

The first TV station launching with this new service, is the linear TV station “ENLIVE tv” of the Christian Library on Demand (CLD), a family-friendly entertainment company offering TV shows and movies.  ENLIVE tv also offers its expertise in video productions, live events, video-on-demand and TV channel operations to assist new organizations who desire a linear channel but are not familiar with its operations.

“We have simplified the process and made it so that any organization that makes good use of video production for any reason can now broadcast and monetize their content,” says Terrence Lovett, CEO of the CLD, “no more paying for video production only to give it away for free on social media.  With’s branded service and a little assistance from the CLD, you can offer streaming video apps that can live broadcast, offer video-on-demand and a linear TV channel with any business model desired to monetize content.”

“The possibilities for distribution are now endless for independent TV stations, content distribution aggregators and robust TV studios,” says Ron van Herk, CEO of Cybermedia Television, “Cybermedia Television offers distribution of the channel from the TV scheduler in its own TV and Mobile apps distributed on various global networks or to any other distribution point, as OTT, IPTV or traditional TV distribution.”

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