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Nielsen powers audience-based buying marketplace

April 10, 2018

Audience measurement specialist Nielsen has confirmed the commercial availability of its Enterprise Audience API designed to empower media clients and their solution providers to accelerate their TV audience targeting initiatives.

Through the new API, clients now have the ability to transact on advertiser-defined audiences including but not limited to those based on credit card spending habits, in-store FMCG purchases and extended psychographic profiles. As additional data sets emerge, the platform allows for rapid expansion to include new targeting capabilities. The API also supports standardised segments curated by industry groups such as the Advanced Target Standards Group (ATSG).

“The Nielsen Enterprise Audience API represents our commitment and investment in powering the marketplace’s evolution towards audience-based buying and selling,” said Kelly Abcarian, SVP, Nielsen Product Leadership. “The new platform will serve as a single source of truth for a new advanced audience marketplace, enabling marketers and the publishers who serve them to reach their most important consumer prospects.”

According to Nielsen, a key differentiator of the Nielsen Enterprise Audience API is the availability of Nielsen TV Universe Estimates for advertiser defined audiences. In order for agencies to accurately plan and execute media campaigns beyond age and gender—and for media owners to appropriately value these advanced demographics—it’s imperative for everyone to know how many of these people actually exist. A foundational part of any advanced television platform, for example, is the ability to access these precise Nielsen population estimates at every step of the planning and buying process.

Enterprise software platform clypd is integrating the Nielsen Enterprise API into its solutions; while others, including Simulmedia and Videology, will be able to take advantage of this capability to easily connect and integrate with the API to power their advanced audience capabilities. By using Nielsen’s API, such platforms will be extending the availability of Nielsen’s ratings data for custom advertiser-defined audiences, allowing users to create more targeted and optimised media buys, ultimately increasing the return on investment on ad spend for advertisers.

“Nielsen continues to be the gold standard in TV ad measurement. With Nielsen’s Enterprise Audience API, Simulmedia’s VAMOS platform will be able to convert that gold standard data into targetable audience segments across all national TV networks in the U.S. in a matter of seconds,” said Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia.

“In a time when advertisers are scrutinising every dollar and demanding ever higher investment returns, media sellers need accurate, timely and trusted independent data that allows them to offer a broader range of audience segments. With Nielsen Enterprise Audience API, clients will benefit from simpler, faster, on-demand access to consistent data with the scale required to drive this next evolution of television audience targeting imperatives,” said Joshua Summers, CEO, clypd.

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