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Verimatrix, TMG anti-piracy initiative

April 12, 2018

Network-connected device and services revenue security and enhancement specialist Verimatrix and TMG, a global anti-piracy business partner, have unveiled an initiative to combine capabilities for an end-to-end revenue security solution that combats the growing threat of content redistribution and illegal streaming devices.

The watermarking portfolio for live and on-demand premium content from Verimatrix combines with services from TMG that use advanced security techniques to monitor multiple platforms, identify the source of each illicit stream and effectively shuts the perpetrator down. The joint solution uniquely addresses the interests of all stakeholders with a service that detects and disables illegitimate video streams when detected, while identifying the source of the pirated content.

In the past, hackers provided websites with open streams over the internet, monetised through advertisements, but with poor video quality. However, today it is more common to find premium services online, where hackers capture and redistribute the high-quality video as a low-cost paid service. Since these illicit services require registration and paid subscriptions, it is more difficult to automate web-crawling tools to detect such illegal streams on the internet. Verimatrix and TMG have joined forces to protect high-value live sports and premium on-demand content and associated revenue, thus ensuring that these markets remain viable for investment.

“As the demand for forensic watermarking solutions increases, video service providers need a comprehensive anti-piracy platform that can stay a step ahead of the growing sophistication we are seeing from pirate sites,” noted Petr Peterka, CTO of Verimatrix. “TMG is an innovator of global monitoring services that can even identify illicit streams hidden behind paywalls and social sites, which are not detectable by typical anti-piracy search methods. We are excited to work with TMG to enhance the value of our watermarking solutions to customers.”

The Verimatrix watermarking portfolio consists of its flagship VideoMark client-side solutions, its server-side StreamMark solutions and its cloud-based Reveal service, which is a set of tools offered to extract and interpret the embedded payload, providing rapid and convenient source analysis to trace piracy to its source. According to Verimatrix, other available watermarking solutions often require different toolsets to be combined to cover the whole threat landscape, increasing their complexity and compromising their effectiveness.

TMG uses powerful content discovery, video capture technologies, high-precision fingerprint content recognition and advanced network forensics to quickly identify unauthorised premium content streams. The service provides 24/7 defence as it continuously monitors for live streams, on-demand content and direct downloads. When a stream is detected and identified, the system traces the full network path throughout the distribution chain to identify the stream source. It then triggers Verimatrix’s watermarking extraction process to identify the source of the leaked content.

“The functionality of our combined solutions is perfectly suited for today’s illegal peer-to-peer streaming sites,” said Bastien Casalta, CTO of TMG. “Our work with Verimatrix will help protect and enhance our customers’ revenues, while deterring pirates from setting up shop.”

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