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Retro Music TV in HbbTV

April 16, 2018

Retro Music TV has begun programmatic sales of ad space on HbbTV in Czech Republic. Purchases and sales can be made via the digital ad network R2B2 Multiscreen. So now there is another TV channel where advertisers can place HbbTV ads using any of the switch-in ad formats, including TV Banners, Push 2 Play, XXL Banners, and the direct alternative to TV ads, Switchroll.

Retro Music TV stands alongside two other music stations, Óčko and Óčko Star, on the ad network. Retro Music TV is watched by around 250,000 viewers per day. The station focuses on the “greatest hits and music information from the 60s to the beginning of the new millennium.”

Ad space can be bought via the Adform DSP. The ad tech is provided by Hybrid, a partner company.

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