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VR veterans open production studio

April 18, 2018

Four VR industry veterans from Discovery Digital, Oculus Story Studio and Lightshed have officially launched their new company in San Francisco.

The new studio, called Tomorrow Never Knows, aims to use virtual and augmented reality as well as other emerging technologies including AI, for storytelling projects, said co-founder and CEO Nathan Brown, the former head of VR at Discovery Digital.

“The thesis behind the company is to consistently violate the limits of storytelling, forcing the creation of new tools, methodologies and workflow and to do this intentionally so we create original creative and technology IP,” Brown said in an interview with Variety.

Also from Discovery VR is Tomorrow Never Knows co-founder Tom Lofthouse. They are joined by Gabo Arora, whose previous work as the founder of Lightshed include a number of VR documentaries, and Oculus Story Studio co-founder Sachka Unseld.

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