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La Liga struggling to sell TV rights

April 23, 2018

From David Del Valle in Madrid

La Liga’s goal of selling its TV rights at a higher price for the next three seasons, both internationally and domestically, is not proving successful.

The top-flight Spanish football league aims to get around €300 million across Europe and €1 billion per year as a total across international markets (up from €650 million) plus €1.3 billion (up from €1 billion) from the domestic market. But bids received so far are reportedly far away from these figures. In the UK, BT Sports and Sky are said to have only made a €5 million bid, a huge distance from La Liga’s target of €25 million. In Italy, a similar situation has occurred.

For La Liga, increasing revenue from TV rights is a priority in it measures up against the commercial domination of the UK’s Premier League, the most lucrative in Europe, with over €5 billion in revenues in its domestic market.

In Spain, pay-TV operators are refusing to pay €1.3 billion. Currently, TV rights represent 40 per cent of La Liga’s budget, so if expectations are not fulfilled, a difficult financial situation may arise.

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