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Ekioh launches Flow multithreaded browser

May 1, 2018

Ekioh has unveiled Flow, a multithreaded HTML browser specifically designed for multi-core processors that delivers an improved user experience. Flow’s layout and animation performance is more than double the speed of other browsers on multi-core silicon. With TV user interfaces (UIs) increasingly looking towards 4K, Ekioh says Flow overcomes the performance issues of HTML UIs on multi-core processors enabling products to meet consumers’ increasingly high expectations.

“Flow is the result of many years of research and development into improving browser performance on multi-core architectures,” said Piers Wombwell, CEO at Ekioh. “We have always sought to make the best use of the resources available on constrained devices. Flow is the first browser to bring a high performance scalable multi-core HTML solution to market.”

“Consumers’ first impressions of product quality often come from the UI, and frustration arises when the user experience does not keep pace with expectations,” said Stephen Reeder, Commercial Director at Ekioh. “Multi-core silicon brings performance challenges that threaten to impact the UI, the consumer experience and therefore loyalty. Flow helps overcome these issues, delivering the significant improvement in the dynamic quality and responsiveness of HTML applications necessary to make 4K UIs possible.”

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