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Globecast wins US distribution of 7 Arabic channels

May 3, 2018

By Chris Forrester

International distribution specialist Globecast is carrying seven Arabic-language channels (Alaraby, Dubai TV, Sama Dubai, Kuwait TV, Panorama Films, Panorama Drama and Sky News Arabia) to the US using Hotwire Communications. It means Globecast Americas is now handling 29 international channels.

Fort Lauderdale-based Hotwire uses its fibre-optic network to deliver these channels to clients.

Jonathan Bullock, VP of Development and Government at Hotwire Communications commented, “In the past year, we have experienced an increased demand for Arabic language content. These channels meet the demand and allow Hotwire Communications to expand its library of content for Arabic-speaking viewers. Partnering with Globecast on this project was an incredible opportunity to work with global experts of international content.”

Leveraging its worldwide satellite, fibre and IP network, Globecast is aggregating the channels at its Culver City, California facility and delivering them directly to Hotwire’s headend in Fort Lauderdale.

Natalie Rouse, VP/Content Acquisition, Aggregation & Distribution at Globecast Americas commented, “Our goal is to provide our partners with top tier content that directly addresses the needs of their particular markets. Our partnership with Hotwire Communications is a great example of that. Over the past few months, we’ve worked very closely with Hotwire to develop a deep understanding of their markets, the demographics of their customers and the types of content they were asking for. We feel the addition of these seven Arabic language networks will go a long way in addressing their customer needs and providing content that their customers will enjoy. Given Hotwire’s growing Arabic audience, we’re confident these new channels will be successful.”

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