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Iliad new executive team

May 15, 2018

French telco Iliad has put in place a new executive team tasked with stepping up the pace of the Group’s business development in France and Italy.

  • At its meeting held on May 14, 2018, the Company’s Board of Directors appointed Thomas Reynaud as Iliad’s Chief Executive Officer. He will also represent the Company in relations with the public authorities.
  • The Board also appointed Maxime Lombardini as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • The Board ratified the appointment of Cyril Poidatz as Corporate Secretary.
  • Reynaud then appointed:
    • Nicolas Jaeger as Group Chief Financial Officer. Nicolas was previously Treasurer and Head of Investor Relations.
    • Aude Mercier as Group Chief Human Resources Officer. Aude will ensure that the Group effectively leverages its human resources and will oversee the implementation of a proactive talent management strategy.
    • Camille Perrin as Chief Marketing Officer. Camille has worked with the Group for the past 10 years and will lead the rollout of its new sales and marketing approach.
    • Shahrzad Sharvan as Deputy Corporate Secretary. Shahrzad joined the Group in 2009. She will take over the corporate legal operations for the Group.

The aim of putting in place this new executive team – which combines the Group’s founders (Xavier Niel, Rani Assaf, Antoine Levavasseur and Cyril Poidatz) with new talent – is to meet the new challenges facing the Group and set it on a new growth path for the coming years.

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