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La Liga: “TV rights 20% overvalued”

May 17, 2018

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish football teams that comprise La Liga have reportedly acknowledged that the price of the TV rights has been inflated by 20 per cent to €1.3 billion, as requested by La Liga in the public tender.

The football teams believe that the €1 billion fee per season in the domestic market would be more reasonable. They fear that the tender will be declared void following the refusal by TV operators to pay such a high sum, and they may consequently lose 40 per cent of their revenues.

Telco operators have been putting pressure on La Liga to reduce the price, at a time when the tender for the rights 2019-2022 are about to take place.

La Liga aims to get €1.3 billion per year in the domestic market and an additional €1 billion in the International market, with a total of €6.9 billion in three years (€2.3 billion per year).

The football teams think that the €2.3 billion per year is excessive, representing a 35 per cent more than the €1.7 billion this year. The teams fear that demanding such a high figure may be counterproductive and make them lose a great chunk of their revenues if operators ultimately refuse to pay.

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