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Fixed broadband grew over 6% in LatAm in 2017

May 22, 2018

During 2017, broadband lines grew by 6.1 per cent compared to last year throughout Latin America, reaching 72.4 million connections. It is a similar growth rate to 2016 (6.3 per cent), according to Dataxis figures.

DSL was still the most used technology with a market share of 48.1 per cent but it continued losing weight for the benefit of cable modem (38.6 per cent of market share) and specially for optical fibre that reached a share of 13.3 per cent (+3.5 points vs 2016).

The penetration over households reached 41.5 per cent in 2017, adding one point and a half to 2016’s penetration rate.

There are disparities in connections between the main markets of the region. Chile, Mexico and Argentina have a penetration rate exceeding 50 per cent whereas Colombia is located in the regional average and Brazil is almost 6 points below regional average, but has the highest growth rate.

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