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NOWO invests in Technetix DBx platform

May 31, 2018

Technetix, a global broadband cable and telecommunications equipment provider, has been selected by NOWO to supply its DBx optical and RF platform and AIMA optical headend systems. These are to be installed to upgrade the HFC NOWO network. The system includes hundreds of Technetix DBE-1200 nodes, a thousand DBE-1200 RF amplifiers, all of which are to be fed by Technetix AIMA headend optical platforms.

The Technetix DBx-1200 amplifier/node series is an innovative crossover design, which is a field upgradeable solution, enabling operators to drive deep fibre to the last amplifier (FttLA/FttC). Designed using the latest GaN 2.5 (Gallium Nitride) technology with standard and high output power downstream modules, the system can drive DOCSIS 3.1 4K QAM signals over long cable distances and cascades (up to n+4) while reducing power consumption.

“We are delighted that Technetix has been selected by NOWO as a strategic partner for the deployment of active equipment to upgrade the network” said Filipe Ambrósio, Sales Director, Portugal. “We look forward to working with NOWO, as a close partner for the upgrade of the active part of the network with our RF equipment’s portfolio. We hope to work collaboratively on future projects with new technology that is currently in development.”

“We have chosen Technetix as our partner in NOWO Network Improvement Program, because we consider the investment in Technetix equipment as a long-term investment that will allow NOWO to easily upgrade its network due to the modularity of Technetix’ equipment. The Technetix proposition fulfilled NOWO’s requirements both in terms of the equipment delivered and technical services and support.” said Ana Teixeira, NOWO Chief Technical Officer.

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