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SeaChange cFlow portfolio equips content owners, aggregators, service providers to serve up personalisation

June 1, 2018

Video solutions pioneering innovator SeaChange International has unveiled a new solutions portfolio, called cFlow, which equips video providers with a comprehensive set of tools for video management and personalisation.

Content owners building direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels, virtual multichannel video programming aggregators/distributors (vMVPDs), and cable/telco/mobile video providers can leverage this comprehensive set of software-based tools to manage their content meta-data and workflows, merchandising, monetisation, and viewer experiences. These individual solutions are the critical building blocks for creating personalised, indivisual viewing experiences. While each solution element of the cFlow portfolio can be used independently, the combination of these four elements creates a “video personalisation pipeline” that can increase viewer engagement and monetisation.

The portfolio strategy celebrates SeaChange’s 25th anniversary year, building upon the company’s innovation pedigree, and positions SeaChange for continued market leadership and growth. According to Shankar Nagarajan, SeaChange Vice President of Product Management, the organisation is now refocused to help partners navigate the industry-wide march towards personalisation and capitalise on those opportunities.  “Over the past 25 years, our organisation has developed great expertise in managing video to create engaging viewer experiences. Now, we have infused that experience into every element of cFlow.”

The SeaChange cFlow portfolio comprises four key solution families that can be used together or individually to centralise and simplify the task of offering branded, indivisual viewer experiences across multiple network and screen types.

cContent Content Management: SeaChange cContent solutions simplify the design and management of increasingly complex content workflows, provide the metadata enrichment that is so critical to matching the right content to viewers, and scale dynamically as the number of subscribers and content assets grows.

cBridge Offer, Session & Transaction Management: SeaChange cBridge solutions provide a complete set of readily scalable “back-office” management capabilities, including offer creation, pricing, packaging, promotion and multiscreen session management, enabling providers to build a personalised bridge between the content and the viewers. In addition, cBridge solutions form the cornerstone for advanced features like catch-up/time-shift TV, network DVR, and Download to Go (D2G).

cAds Advertising Management: SeaChange cAds solutions provide the tools to develop and manage monetisation through targeted, personalised advertising across multiple channels and devices, and reduce operating costs with end-to-end automation.

cView Viewer Experience:  SeaChange cView client software presents a consistent, personalised look, feel, and experience across mobile devices, smart TVs, connected TVs and set top boxes. With cView, providers can offer a uniquely branded viewer interface and consistent set of features via cBridge support and integration. The cView + cBridge combination allows for rapid new feature and service creation and deployment. cView software is available for many different devices and operating systems, including Android and AndroidTV, Apple iOS and tvOS, as well as a variety of smart TVs and set top boxes.

“The concept of flow in video and television is not new,” added Nagarajan. “Broadcasters have built their primetime line-ups for decades to create a ‘flow’ from one show to another, and between content and ads, to keep audiences watching and returning. With multiscreen viewing and OTT streaming today, the challenge is to create millions of unique, individualised flows. The cFlow portfolio’s four elements are designed to enable providers to create these personalised flows to improve viewer engagement, unlocking the potential of anytime, anywhere multiscreen services.”

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