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DPP reveals what it takes to build the media cloud

June 7, 2018

Cloud based working is transforming businesses the world over. But the cloud was never built to suit the needs of the media industry. So what would it take to create ideal cloud environments for media? In a new report, Building the Media Cloud the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has called upon the expertise of its Membership to explore this fundamental question.

The report comes out of a DPP AT HOME event – the DPP’s special event series for creating reports about major industry issues. The event brought together over 20 subject matter experts to look at the core requirements for the media cloud. It was enabled by DPP Member company Zayo.

“There are plenty of things the media industry does now for no good reason other than custom and practice,” says DPP Managing Director and author of the report, Mark Harrison. “In designing cloud based workflows we have an opportunity to start again, and to architect more elegant and efficient ways of working. But we won’t be able to do that unless we have an industry wide understanding of what good looks like.”

“At Zayo, we see a growing number of customers successfully rely on multiple cloud environments to run their media workflows to the cloud. Their experiences help us architect a media cloud that is effective and secure within the broader hybrid cloud environment,” says Ravi Rabheru, Director, Cloud & Security at Zayo, “This report will help customers and suppliers to share a common understanding of what the industry needs to achieve best practice in media cloud services.”

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