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Instagram video hub to take on YouTube

June 7, 2018

Social media messaging app Instagram is reportedly preparing to unveil a hub for longer-form video content in a bid to take on the likes of a YouTube.

According to a report orginating in TechCrunch, Instagram will offer a dedicated space featuring scripted content, music videos and more in full-screen, 4K resolution. Instagram has been meeting with various social media stars and content publishers to find out how their video channels elsewhere would work within its app.

Videos on the service will typically be around 15 minutes in length (but reportedly could be upto 1 hour long) and mirror the type of content frequently found on YouTube. The videos will also reportedly feature a swipe-up option to open an associated link so viewers can easily navigate to the video creator’s website or store.

An official reveal is tentatively scheduled for June 20th.

Instagram’s owner Facebook has long been pushing towards expanding its video offerings – a move that CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes will result in a higher rate of advertising income.


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