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wTVision appoints Alves as CEO

June 11, 2018

Nuno Alves is the new CEO of wTVision. Founder and former Chief Operating Officer and Country Manager Portugal of the company, Alves steps up to the highest office in the executive management. Mário Sousa, who led wTVision as CEO since its foundation, in Lisbon, 17 years ago, and oversaw its global expansion will now become the company’s Non-Executive President, as he joins Mediapro (wTVision parent company) as Head of Sales & Marketing for the American market.

In a joint statement, Sousa and Alves said: “[this is] the beginning of a new cicle in wTVision, that will continue to lead the company on its track of success, innovation and constant growth.”

Alves was in charge of the Global Operations of wTVision from 2001 to 2012, when he moved to Brazil to become Financial and Administration Manager of Mediapro Brazil and General Director of Revolution Broadcast (that is also part of Mediapro).

In 2014 Alves returned to Portugal to reassume his position of COO at wTVision and to assume the position of Country Manager Portugal. Four years later is stepping up to the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Founder and former CEO of wTVision, leading the company’s international expansion, Sousa created wTVision Belgium, in 2005 (the first wTVision division outside Portugal), and wTVision Middle East and wTVision Spain, in 2008. Two years later, in 2010, he founded wTVision Brazil and, in 2012, wTVision USA and wTVision India. More Recently, in 2016, Sousa opened a new office in Bolivia.

wTVision takes part in thousands of broadcasts each year and operates in more than 60 countries, making it a preferential option for worldwide producers. With more than 300 employees, offices in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Dubai, Brazil, US, India and Bolivia, the company is now beginning a new chapter, with the same motivation to develop innovative solutions for the broadcasting industry.


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