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ruwido unveils Android TV remotes

June 12, 2018

Colin Mann @ ANGA COM

Specialist provider of input devices and interaction mechanisms ruwido has unveiled its latest designs of multimodal input devices specially developed for the needs of Android TV services.

In order to meet the demands of today’s TV landscape, where TV platforms have been opened up to multiple content sources which means a fantastic variety of services and a multitude of offers for the user to choose from, ruwido has developed the new Android TV remote control designs r407 and r157.7 with pure usability in mind.

Integrated speech transmission allows a reduced button layout to be designed and forms the basis for a well-balanced shape. To support blind navigation, the inbuilt Google Assistant button of both devices features a distinctive shape and haptic. This ensures a high recognition value while running over it with the fingertips.

“Our aim is to generate added value as well as differentiation for our customers, by offering the latest technology in combination with emotional design. That’s why we have developed two different design approaches. The r407 has a very straight forward appearance, while the r157.7 features a softer design of a pre-stressed and slightly curved surface that is also mirrored in the button layout,” explained Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido.

‘Design is soul’ is at the heart of ruwido’s DNA, which runs through all parts of the company’s body, expressing its all-embracing commitment very clearly. This focus on the brand and ruwido’s products leaves no room for interpretation, and puts premium performance at its core.

Accoirding to the company, its designs are not only about integrating the latest technology within modern input devices, they’re about the emotion of the user, the quality feeling of the pick-up and how the different interaction mechanisms are integrated to support the user’s core behaviour.

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