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Conviva: World Cup setting streaming records

June 19, 2018

Data from online video analyst Conviva shows that the World Cup saw a peak of 7.7 million simultaneous streaming viewers over the weekend. For reference, Conviva’s previous live event peak occurred during this year’s Super Bowl with 5.5 million peak concurrent viewers, proving that the World Cup is indeed the biggest sporting event on the planet

The 7.7 million peak viewership occurred during the Argentina vs Iceland match on June 16th. These are live streaming viewership numbers, globally influenced by time zones. All other matches thus far have exceeded the peaks seen in the previous World Cup.

Conviva saw a high of 1.5 million peak simultaneous global online viewers for the 2010 World Cup. Then in 2014, they saw more than double these views with 3.2 million peak viewers.

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