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FCC urged to hold on with C-band re-use

June 19, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Cable and radio broadcasters are formally asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for “much more information” on the Intelsat, Intel and SES proposals to restructure some of their C-band bandwidth for 5G services over the US.

To date the FCC has made some extremely supportive noises about reallocating some of the satellite spectrum to speed the roll-out of 5G services across the US, reports Bloomberg.

A report from Deutsche Bank says: “C-Band stands as a significant positive for Intelsat & SES if their proposal for a market-based auction is adopted in the US to repurpose the spectrum for 5G mobile (Eutelsat which has no meaningful C-band exposure). So any delay or modification to the Intelsat/SES plan will be received as a negative, although some pushback from broadcast groups would be expected. Bloomberg reports the filing states questions include how much spectrum will remain available for existing services, and whether harmful interference can be mitigated.”

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