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Over 50% of US social media users on Instagram by year-end

June 20, 2018

Data from eMarketer forecasts that by the end of this year, Instagram will have 104.7 million users in the US, up 13 per cent over last year. That means more than half (53 per cent) of US social network users will be on Instagram.

The social media sharing app is set to generate $5.48 billion in net US ad revenue this year, up 70.4 per cent over last year.

Instagram currently has a 5.1 per cent share of the US digital ad market and a 7.3 per cent share of the US mobile ad market. Instagram currently makes up 28.2 per cent of Facebook’s net mobile ad revenue.  That portion will reach nearly 40 per cent by 2020.

This year, 181.7 million Americans will watch video content on their smartphones at least once a month, up 6.1 per cent over last year. Adults in the US will spend just over 24 minutes per day this year (on average) watching videos on their smartphones.

US digital video ad spending will grow more than 22 per cent this year to reach $17.87 billion.  That figure is expected to jump another 19 per cent to $21.20 billion by 2019.  Video makes up nearly 17 per cent of all US digital ad spending, with that share remaining fairly steady.

Mobile video ad spending in the US will grow nearly 25 per cent this year to reach $7.87 billion.

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